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The Asthma Center Welcomes Two New Practitioners

December 1, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

The Asthma Center, the leading allergy and asthma practice in the Philadelphia area, is happy to welcome two new practitioners, Anar Dossumbekova and Melissa Gross.

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Dr. Goldstein Presents at National Meeting of ACAAI

October 30, 2017

Boston, MA

Dr. Marc Goldstein presented two research studies performed at The Asthma Center to the 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) held in Boston, Massachusetts.

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NBC10’s Lauren Mayk Interviews Dr. Goldstein: Mold in Monroe School

October 10, 2017

by Lauren Mayk, NBC10

NBC10’s Lauren Mayk interviews The Asthma Center’s Dr. Marc Goldstein about the mold infestation found at Holly Glen Elementary School in Monroe Township.

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The Asthma Center in the News: “Allergy Alert: Ragweed is Surging

August 21, 2017

by Joseph Gambardello,’s Joseph A. Gambardello discusses rising ragweed in Philadelphia after allergist Dr. Donald Dvorin’s ragweed allergy alert for the Delaware Valley.

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The Asthma Center’s Dr. Dvorin Interviewed on KYW Newsradio 1060

August 11, 2017

by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio 1060

Kim Glovas of KYW Newsradio interviews allergist Dr. Donald Dvorin about this year’s pollen season.

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Dr. George Belecanech with Stephanie Stahl on CBS Philly TV

August 8, 2017

by Stephanie Stahl, CBS Philly

Stephanie Stahl of CBS Philly visits The Asthma Center to discuss the Lone Star Tick and meat allergies with Dr. George Belecanech.

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The Asthma Center in the News: “Sneeze-fest coming soon as ragweed crop looks robust”

August 8, 2017

by Anthony Wood,

The Inquirer’s Anthony Wood reports on the “flood” of ragweed pollen to hit Philadelphia according to The Asthma Center’s pollen experts.

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The Asthma Center in The Bucks County Courier Times: “Tree pollen counts unusually high in Bucks, Montgomery counties”

April 17, 2017

by Peg Quann, Bucks County Courier Times

The Bucks County Courier Times’ Peg Quann reports on extremely high tree pollen counts in Bucks and Montgomery Counties in PA, as counted by The Asthma Center.

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Metro Philadelphia’s Focus on The 2017 Spring Allergy Season with The Asthma Center

April 13, 2017

by Sam Newhouse,

Metro Philadelphia’s Sam Newhouse discusses spring seasonal allergies with the allergists at The Asthma Center.

Read More Interviews Dr. Dvorin: “Pine Barrens revenge: Surge of early pollen hits South Jersey”

April 12, 2017

by Kathleen O’Brien,’s Kathleen O’Brien interviews Dr. Dvorin about South Jersey’s unique pollen allergen – pine pollen.

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Today Interviews Dr. Dvorin on Allergies, Pollen & Diet

April 5, 2017

by Linda Carroll, Today

Dr. Donald Dvorin discusses the upcoming spring 2017 pollen season and the diet’s impact on allergies with’s Linda Carroll.

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CBS Interviews Dr. Goldstein on His Groundbreaking Treatment for Smell Loss

March 29, 2017

by Stephanie Stahl, CBS Philly

Stephanie Stahl of CBS Philly visits The Asthma Center to discuss a groundbreaking new treatment option for smell with Dr. Marc Goldstein.

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POLLEN COUNT - Pollen Counts are "Off for the Winter" (Back Early March 2018)
Trees:Not Seen
Grass:Not Seen
Ragweed:Not Seen
Other Weeds:Not Seen
Mold Spores:Not Seen
Pollen, Ragweed & Mold Spore Counts will Return in the Spring of 2018
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