Flu Shot – Don’t be part of “The 20%”!

Walk-in flu shots available in all locations throughout Delaware Valley including Philadelphia (Center City, Society Hill, Northeast), The Main Line (Bala Cynwyd), Bucks County (Langhorne), and South Jersey (Mt. Laurel, Woodbury, Hamilton, Forked River).

What is the flu shot?

The influenza vaccine (flu shot) is an immunization which helps the body avoid or minimize the effects of infection with the influenza virus (“the flu”). It protects against infection with the most common strains of the influenza virus which are circulating throughout the world that particular year.

Why should I get a flu shot?

Up to 20% of the U.S. population is infected with the flu virus each winter, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations. Young children, older adults and those with chronic illnesses are at the greatest risk, but even young, healthy adults are susceptible to the ill effects of the flu. You can run, but you can’t hide from the highly contagious flu. Don’t be part of “The 20%”, get your flu shot!

Who should get the flu shot?

The CDC recommends that pretty much everyone get the flu vaccine. It is very important for those with chronic illnesses or those in close contact (household or work) with those with chronic illnesses. The flu vaccine is particularly critical for those with asthma, COPD or other chronic respiratory conditions, as an acute flu infection can result in life-threatening consequences.

Why get your flu shot with the allergists at The Asthma Center?

  • Not all flu shots are the same. When it comes to the flu shot, one size does not fit all! We have multiple formulations of the flu vaccine available for personalized care. Whether you need the standard quadrivalent dose, the high-dose for older individuals (65 or older) or the preservative-free formulation for those sensitive to preservatives – we have them all! Our goal is to provide the safest and most effective formulation for your specific medical needs.
  • Experience with Allergies. We have extensive experience in dealing with those with egg allergy and with those who have had adverse reactions to flu shots in the past. We have designed protocols to safely administer flu shots to these individuals and others with complicated medical issues.
  • Walk-Ins Welcome. Flu shots are available at all of our office locations in Philadelphia and South Jersey and is administered throughout our normal business hours. An appointment is recommended, though not necessary; we welcome walk-ins.
  • Safety. We are there for you in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction to the flu shot. We always have an allergist and support staff on-site trained in the management of anaphylaxis or other adverse reactions to the flu shot.
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