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January 31, 2017

Asthma & Obesity: Are They Connected?


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Asthma & Obesity:

New Study Reviewed by the Allergists of The Asthma Center


A new study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine concluded that children with asthma may have increased risk of obesity.  The study also concluded that the use of “rescue inhalers” appears to decrease the risk of obesity.

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States with asthma and obesity often occurring together.

While a number of studies have found that obesity is frequently present in asthma patients, the exact relationship of the two conditions remains unknown.  This new study suggests that lack of asthma treatment may actually increase a child’s risk for obesity

Another important finding of this new study is that when “rescue inhalers” (short-acting) were used, the risk of obesity decreased for children with asthma.  Now, more than ever, having an Asthma Action Plan is extremely important for any child or adult who has asthma.

As the Allergists at The Asthma Center know, individuals with asthma do not all experience the same set of symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or exercise-induced symptoms to name just a few.  Researchers often separate different asthma types by grouping symptoms in clusters or “phenotypes” and have shown that in children, obesity is often present as a distinct clinical asthma phenotype.


Our highly trained Allergists, nurses and staff know that asthma symptoms can make day-to-day life difficult.  For example, do you or your child have trouble breathing?  Difficulty making it through a work-out, recess, playing sports, playing a musical wind instrument, or singing? Chest tightness? Wheezing? Shortness of breath? Trouble breathing with a cold or seasonally in the Spring and Fall? Trouble breathing when laughing or crying?

Whether your symptoms, or your child’s symptoms, are newly developed or have been around for years, The Asthma Center offers individualized treatment plans and comprehensive care for our patients.  Click here to learn more about asthma, and how we help children and adults with asthma Get Relief!

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